GrandFlow Sunflower Header

5.6 to 12.6 m working width


Harvest more benefits.

Less wear of all combine components.
Lower fuel consumption.
Increased threshing and cleaning performance.
Low machine weight.

Maximum cost-effectiveness with an efficient and adaptable equipment.

The GRANDFLOW header meets the demands of the most discerning farmers and contractors, with maximum adaptability to all types of harvest conditions, lowest grain losses and guaranteed service for long intervals.

Robust, reliable and easy to operate, GRANDFLOW becomes the perfect partner to optimize the sunflower harvest with efficiency and best performance.

Available in 70 cm and 52.5 cm row spacing.

Pans channel width adjustable up to 20 mm.

Technology on your side.

Epicyclical knife drive gearbox for a high cutting-speed and less vibration.

Feeding auger, reel, snapping roll are driven by chains.

Inner pans up to 1750 mm long for a uniform stalk guide.

Protected bearings for a longer service life.

All components are protected by clutches.

How does it work?

Sunflowers are collected by pans.

The adjustable pushing roll ensures sunflower plants are pushed forward. At the same time, the snapping roll (below the knife bar) pushes the stalks downwards. In this way, the cut is not performed until the sunflower heads are captured by the reel, preventing the stalks from being cut too soon.

As a result, only the flower heads reach the auger which finally delivers them to combine.

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